Who does what?

The RBFA has a number of commissions and committees at its disposal to ensure that sports, administrative and extra sports activities are managed effectively. At its office in Brussels the Association can call on all kinds of specialist services to deal with a whole range of specific tasks.


Gérard Linard
Gérard Linard


The Association's President is the RBFA's legal representative. He is elected for a two-year period and his mandate can be renewed. The Association President is also Chairman of the General Assembly, the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

Together with the Secretary General he ensures that the RBFA maintains good relations with the international football associations UEFA and FIFA and their other members as well as with the BOIC (Belgian Olympic Interfederal Committee) and the world of politics.

Gérard Linard
Peter Bossaert
General Secretary


The Secretary General is responsible for the Association's daily management and administration.  Therefore he is also the CEO.  In addition the Secretary General is Chairman of the Governing Board.

Tom Borgions Manu Leroy Pegie Leys
Tom Borgions Manu Leroy Pegie Leys
Finance & Human Resource Marketing Legal & Competitions


Roberto Martinez Frédéric Veraghaenne
Roberto Martinez Frédéric Veraghaenne
Sport (ad interim) Operations


Voetbal Vlaanderen

Gilbert Timmermans Benny Mazur
Gilbert Timmermans Benny Mazur
President Voetbal Vlaanderen General Secretary Voetbal Vlaanderen



Gaspard Navez Daniel Boccar
President ACFF General Secretary ACFF


Philippe Collin David Delferière
Bart Verhaeghe David Delferière
First Vice President Vice President



Johan Walem Ives Serneels Luca Cragnaz
Roberto Martinez Johan Walem Ives Serneels Luca Cragnaz
Association Men's coach Association Under-21 coach Association Women's coach Association Futsal coach