Who are we?

The Royal Belgian Football Association represents all football clubs in Belgium. The RBFA was founded in 1895 and comprises two thousand football clubs. The Association organises 300,000 football games every season. The Red Devils act as our ambassadors abroad.

The Royal Belgian Football Association is a non-profit organisation run by an Executive Committee chaired by the Association's President Gérard Linard. The Secretary General holds responsibility for the Association's administration. It employs a hundred and fifty members of staff who are divided between the headquarters in Brussels and the Provincial offices.

The Royal Belgian Football Association has a number of commissions and committees at its disposal to ensure that sports, administrative and extra sports activities are managed effectively. At its office in Brussels the Association can call on all kinds of specialist services to deal with a whole range of specific tasks. The committees and commissions meet on a regular basis. Please refer to "Who does what?" for an overview of the tasks and responsibilities assigned to the different services, committees and commissions in Brussels and the Provinces.