Respect United

Belgian football welcomes a new club: Respect United!

Respect United stands for respect for all. Belgian football wants to use this campaign to inspire society. Respect United comprises 11 ambassadors for a varied representation of football, eleven people who contribute to respect for diversity in society as a whole through football. They do so with a charter comprising eleven rules.

Michel Lecompte We are all different, every person is unique.
Karim Belhocine There is not one person who is more valuable than another, everyone deserves the same level of respect.
Femke Maes We see diversity as an added value, as an opportunity.
Dimitri M'Buyu As a club we support trainers and other members of staff to put this vision into practice.
Ludwig Sneyers In football what’s important is what the team achieves, rather than the sum of the individual players.
Georges Leekens As trainers we are committed to encouraging everyone to achieve their maximum potential.
Jérôme Efong Nzolo As referees we use the resources available to us to enforce respect.
Gunther Van Handenhoven As supporters and parents we treat each player with respect and encourage him/her in a positive manner.
Anele Ngongca Every player has the right to a training schedule that is appropriate to his/her age, individual tempo and ability.
Björn Vleminckx We are committed to respond to any form or expression of discrimination.
Steven Martens With the entire football community we strive to be a role model for the positive management of diversity in society.


I want to support Respect United, can I become a fan?

Of course! Respect United has its own virtual grandstand full of fans. You can upload your own photo to the grandstand when you become a fan.

Surf to or visit Respect United on Facebook.


I would like to receive more information, who can I contact?

Football cell of the Ministry of the Interior:
Heidi Deridder:

De Voetbalfederatie Vlaanderen:
Jonas Heuts:

Downtown: the community action of Beerschot AC:
Paul Beloy: