Privacy Policy

Privacy statement

The Royal Belgian Football Association (hereinafter referred to as 'RBFA') respects your privacy. Through our privacy statement, we would like to inform you in a clear, transparent, simple but correct way of the following: when, why and how the RBFA collects, uses, shares and secures personal data? From many people who transmit us personal data through the website and applications of the RBFA, as well from members when they register with the RBFA, its wings (ACFF and Voetbal Vlaanderen) or the fanclub (1895).

1. Who we are and what we consider

The Royal Belgian Football Association and its wings "Association des Clubs Francophones de Football" and "Voetbal Vlaanderen" ("the RBFA and its wings" hereafter) aim at the organization, dissemination and the promotion of all forms of football. It is understood in a non-exhaustive way: outdoor football, indoor football, football for the disabled, regardless of age, sex, origin, political belief, ... and whatever the type of competition. To this end, it organizes regional / provincial (mass sporters) and national (elite athletes) competitions and a national cup competition (Belgian Cup) where it is essential to respect the principles of sports integrity and sportsmanship. fair play among others. The disciplinary bodies of the RBFA and its wings undertake to uphold the basic principles of football and thus contribute to the fairness of sport. At the international level, the RBFA is also active with its national youth teams, the Belgian Red Flames and the Belgian Red Devils obviously. It is in his attributions to convince a maximum of supporters to support our national teams as a whole and to offer them optimal comfort during these games.

The training of highly qualified coaches is also one of the main tasks of the RBFA and its wings, as these people are involved in the further technical, tactical, physical and mental development of junior footballers. Through an extensive network of talent scouts, talented young players are invited to take part in selection matches where they can compete against the best players from their province. These talent detection days have a place in the elite sports policy and are sometimes the beginning of a good career at the national or even international level with a national team selection as a climax.

No football without referees. They are also trained and supported so that they can continue to develop in order to reach the highest possible level.

To achieve these goals, the RBFA and its wings enact a federal regulation, but by its affiliation with UEFA and FIFA, international regulations must also be respected. By becoming affiliated with the RBFA and its wings, the interested parties expressly agree with these regulations and undertake to respect them at all times. By developing different mobile applications, the RBFA and its wings are also trying to contribute to increased visibility and the promotion of football in all its facets.

In addition to this organizational and talent development component, the RBFA and its wings also have a social role to play. Football can indeed be a means to achieve a number of social goals. The RBFA and its wings focus on different themes such as inclusion, health, children and human rights and sustainability. Through various social projects, they also try to highlight the key values of "respect, fair play and education" and to promote them within Belgian society.

This privacy statement emanates:

  • the Royal Belgian Football Association asbl, having the business number 0403.543.160;
  • from the wings:
    • Association des Clubs Francophones de Football asbl, having the business number 0820.547.150 ;
    • Voetbal Vlaanderen vzw, having the business number 0808.165.002 ;
  • from the fanclub: 1895, having the business number 0553.546.435.

All are headquartered at Avenue Houba de Strooper 145, 1020 Brussels, Belgium, commonly referred to as the federation (except the fanclub) hereinafter.

2. The information we collect

2.1 What personal data do we collect?

Depending on your relationship with the Federation or the fanclub, we collect different types of personal data. For some services, additional personal data is required. Any member and user of any of the Federation's or fanclub applications is able to choose a specific privacy profile. Because all Federation’s applications are associated, you can change your privacy profile under the profile settings of each application for which you have been registered. Depending on the selected privacy profile, additional personal data may be collected and processed (see 6.1).

2.1.1 As a member of the Federation or its wings

If you register as a member (such as a player, coach, member of staff, referee, steward, volunteer, etc.), your (sur) name, contact information such as your phone number and email address, nationality, date and place of birth, photo ID and sex / gender will be requested. This information is necessary for the execution of the agreement (affiliation) that you wish to sign with the Federation or in the framework of the organization of competitions (sports, administrative or disciplinary), the generation of a single affiliation number (legal requirement from the Flemish and French Community) to associate a player to the correct competition and age category and to organize fair competitions, including taking and communicating disciplinary decisions. The acceptance of the collection and processing of personal data is a necessary condition to be able to join the Federation and to register with a club and participate in competitive football.

In order to guarantee the quality of your personal data, we prefer to collect this information via the eID. When reading data on your eID, we will limit ourselves to the data mentioned above. However, if you have any objections to reading your eID, the data must always be entered manually into the system. The Federation must also collect data from your career, such as the club and the team in which you play, transfers, yellow and red cards, minutes of play, accident reports (for questions of insurance), and other 'sports data'.

2.1.2 As a user of any of the applications or services of the Federation or its fanclub

If you create an account on the website or in one of the Federation's applications (e.g. BBF) or its fan club (e.g., you will need to fill in an email address and a password and we will ask for information associated with the account, such as (sur) name, date of birth, and gender. In addition, we collect data that you provide to users of the applications (for example, the matches you are going to follow). If you register in any of the Federation's or fanclub's apps using the social media option, we'll also be able to access information related to your social media profile. Additional information, including a profile picture, is optional. The information collected via the website or any application of the Federation or the fanclub, will depend mainly on the authorization granted by the user. Therefore, you can still withdraw this authorization if you no longer want the Federation or its fanclub to collect and process your data. However, keep in mind that some information is necessary if you want to benefit from certain services of the Federation or its fanclub.

2.2 Cookies and similar technologies

In addition to the above information, we use cookies and similar technologies, if necessary from third parties, to secure our systems, measure the use of our services or optimize your experience on our systems. Check out our cookies policy for more information.

2.3 Privacy of minors

The Federation collects and processes obviously many personal data of children, as part of its functioning as a sports federation and on its platforms for a service of the information society. For this reason, we ask, when registering with the club or registering on a platform, to fill in the details of one of the parents or guardian whose purpose is to obtain parental authorization for personal data processing of children.

3. Why do we use this data?

We collect and process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Processing your affiliation as a member of the Federation or the fanclub;
  • Processing your affiliation with a (fan) club, your transfers, activities as a player or coach, including disciplinary decisions;
  • Processing accident reports and insurance issues that arise from injuries incurred as a footballer;
  • Sending invitations to talent detection days, coaching trainings or sports coaching;
  • Processing your registration on the website or an application of the Federation;
  • The preparation or execution of an agreement (affiliation) that you have signed with us;
  • In order to meet the legal or regulatory requirements to which we are subject (e.g. guarantee safety in the stadiums);
  • Through studies, tests and statistics, monitor the operation and development of clubs and competitions aimed at guaranteeing the growth of Belgian football;
  • To provide general information about the Federation and direct communication about your matches (e.g. discounts or location data);
  • Publish match reports and sheets on our channels (e.g. BBF);
  • Optimize your usability on our platforms (e.g. automatic login, cookies);
  • Detect technical problems on our platforms;
  • Perform monitoring on our platforms;
  • The organization of the social projects of the Federation;
  • If we have a justified interest that will always be weighted in relation to your right to privacy.

With the permission and following the privacy profile you have selected, we collect personal data for the following concrete purposes:

  • Visualization of your player statistics on our platforms;
  • Give users a personal experience of our platforms, with personalized notifications through profiling or not and taking into account your interests, preferences, your behavior on social media.
  • Commercial actions of the Federation, its fanclub or our partners.

4. Who do we share your information with?

We share your personal data with service providers of the Federation, as long as it is necessary for the execution of the service.

We attempt to pseudonymize or anonimize your personal data if we share it with external parties. This by aggregating enough personal data (e.g. statistical study) or by canceling some parts of the personal data so that the information can no longer be associated with a person.

We do not sell personal data to third parties and we do not pass it on to third parties without your permission, except:

  • Associated organizations that are part of the Federation ecosystem, namely the RBFA, the wings (Voetbal Vlaanderen and ACFF), its fanclub (1895);
  • At the Pro League if you are affiliated with a D1A or D1B club;
  • If there is a legal obligation;
  • Publicly available data (e.g. match sheets) at Persgroep and Groupe Rossel;
  • In case of need for our services (e.g. at the ticket sale) or in case of justified interest (e.g. the organization of the Jeugdcup Het Nieuwsblad), taking into account an evaluation of your fundamental right of privacy.

With your permission (selected privacy profile), we will share your data with our partners in the context of commercial actions.

With regard to the international transmission of personal data (e.g. FIFA or UEFA), we protect your data in accordance with the level of protection required by European regulations.

5. How do we secure your data?

The Federation makes every effort to protect your personal data and your privacy at all times. With this in mind, we have implemented a policy of securing information and standards in line with the international standard ISO27001-2. Various functions within the organization ensure the respect of legislation and the security of your information, our infrastructures and systems. We are constantly trying to implement new technical measures, such as encryption, firewalls, access control with stringent password requirements, intruder and anomaly detection, and physical security. Should an incident still occur, where your data is impacted, you will be personally notified in the circumstances provided by law.

The number of collaborators with access to your data is limited and has been carefully selected. These employees are able to access your personal information as long as they need this information to carry out their tasks. Our employees are trained in such a way that they process your data correctly. As part of new projects that may have an impact on your privacy, a thorough analysis is also carried out to guarantee your rights, security and the protection of your personal data.

Our websites sometimes contain links to third-party sites (social media, event organizers we sponsor or other partners) whose terms of use do not fall within the scope of this privacy profile. Read carefully their policy regarding the protection of your personal data. If we actually share personal data with external parties, a treatment agreement is concluded. It must obligatorily take enough (technical) measures so that the security of your data is guaranteed as best as possible.

6. Your preferences

You have the option at any time to change your privacy settings. You can do this through the profile settings of all of the Federation's platforms or its fanclub on which you are active.

Using your settings, you decide what personal information we can collect and for what purposes we can use it. We will never publish statistics or transmit data to third parties for commercial purposes without your permission. Should this still be the case, please contact us immediately so that we can adapt your or our settings.

7. Your rights and how to exercise them

7.1 Right to consult, transfer and rectify your data

The quality and accuracy of your personal data is very important to us. This is the reason why you always have the right to consult your personal data which are in our possession. You do this by sending a request to the DPO of the Federation or the Legal Department. You will find the coordinates at the bottom of the page.

To exercise your right of access, and to prevent any inappropriate communication of your personal data, you must submit proof of identity. We therefore ask you to attach a copy of the face of your identity card to your application.

We will always review your request within 30 days of receiving the request.

In order to be complete, we inform you of the following: if we do not react to your request, if we refuse it or if our answer does not meet your expectations, you always have the right to contact the Authority of Data Protection,, which will intervene then within the framework of its mission of conciliator.

7.2 Right to delete your data

You have the right to delete incomplete, inaccurate, inappropriate or outdated personal data. For this purpose, you can also apply to these departments. However, we reserve the right to determine if your request is justified. Depending on your request, please also take into account that we will no longer be able to offer you certain services. We must therefore process certain personal data if you wish to participate in competitive football. In addition, we must respect a few legal retention periods, which means that we can not respond to your cancellation request.

In order to keep your data up-to-date, we ask you to notify us of any changes, such as new contact information. On our platforms, you will be able to update your data.

7.3 Right of opposition

7.3.1 Right to oppose data processing for direct marketing purposes

Without having to give the reason, you always have the right to oppose the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes. You can do this by contacting the services below, changing your privacy profile, or unsubscribing from commercial mail.

7.3.2 Right of opposition to be displayed

Without having to give the reason, you always have the right to oppose the communication of your data on one of our public applications, for example your name and your age on the match sheets included in our BBF application. To this end, you must submit a request for opposition to these services. In the composition of the team, your name and your age will no longer be indicated and replaced by an 'X'.

8. How long are your data kept?

The RBFA, its wings and fan club are committed not to store your data longer than necessary for our services for the purpose for which the data is collected. However, retention periods may vary depending on the purpose. For example, we make a clear distinction between coordinates, sports data, medical data, disciplinary data or user behavior. We always respect the retention periods stipulated in the federal regulations or communicated in the conditions of use of our applications. Personal data will be anonymized after the retention period has expired.

9. How to contact us ?

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, if you wish to exercise your privacy rights, or if you have other questions about our privacy profile, please contact us:

Royal Belgian Football Association

Avenue Houba de Strooper 145, 1020 Brussels

T: +3224771248


If you would like to contact our Data Protection Officer, please find the contact details below:

Mr. Cedric Brosens
Avenue Houba de Strooper 145, 1020 Bruxelles
T: +32495670606

If you wish to contact the Authority of Data Protection, please find the contact details below:

Authority of Data Protection

Commission for the Protection of Privacy
Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels / Rue de la Presse 35, 1000 Brussels
T: +32 (0)2 274 48 00


10. Changes to our privacy statement

We may from time to time adapt our privacy statement. We advise you to consult it regularly. In the event of changes to our privacy statement, we will ask you to accept the new version.