More than just football: The RBFA Social Charter

Football plays an important role in our society. Therefore football is much more than just a round ball, two goals and 22 footballers on a pitch. To emphasise the social importance of football the RBFA has established a Social Charter.

The RBFA's Social Charter

The RBFA promotes football as a means of uniting people, men as well as women, of all cultures and skin-colours and to build a better future: Football is for everyone!

The RBFA does not exclude anyone and prohibits any form of discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, nationality, religion or disability.

The RBFA calls on all football fans to use positive values: Fair Play, passion and atmosphere.

The RBFA views football as a way to improve general wellbeing, tolerance and social integration.

The RBFA supports the UEFA ten point plan against racism: Unite Against Racism!

The RBFA collaborates with various aid programmes in the areas of social welfare in Belgium and international development cooperation.


The Social Charter was developed in collaboration with the Centrum voor Gelijkheid van Kansen en Racismebestrijding (Centre for Equal Opportunities and Prevention of Racism) and the Stichting Samen Kleurrijk Sporten (Foundation for Uniting against Racism in Sport).

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