Combating Racism Together

For years the RBFA has been working closeky with the Centre for Equal Opportunities and to Combat Racism to fight racism and discrimination. We also want to jointly promote integration for everyone in football.

All over the world football attracts people from different layers of society. The sport unites them in a spirit of equality because the ball is round for everyone. The RBFA is also convinced that, thanks to football, people of any race, religion, belief, sex or sexual orientation can integrate more easily in society. In the sport young people find more than a worthy alternative to the dangers and temptations in today’s society.

Football clubs perform a major role in uniting people of different cultures and ethnic origins. They also take various initiatives to promote participation. The key points are summarised in a Charter against Racism:

Carte rouge au racisme

  • Disseminate a message of tolerance, respect and dignity through the club’s actions and communication channels
  • Effectively apply equal opportunities for everyone
  • Act as an educational force that promotes cooperation between families, the school environment and local associations
  • An explicit prohibition of any form of racism and any form of discriminatory attitude such as anti-Semitism, homophobia, sexism, Islamophobia, etc and include associated symbols in the Internal Order Regulations
  • Instruct members and responsible persons to refuse entry to sporting activities to any person who display racist or discriminatory behaviour and/or wear provocative symbols or clothes
  • Remove any provocative symbols and texts in and around football grounds and from websites
  • Remain vigilant and take preventive action against any sign of emerging racism or discrimination
  • Pass on all information regarding racist or discriminatory abuse to the local authorities and Association organisations
  • Support victims of racism and discrimination, possibly with the assistance of competent institutions such as the Centrum voor Gelijkheid van Kansen en voor Racismebestrijding (Centre for Equal Opportunities and Prevention of Racism)
  • Comply with legislation and directives regarding access for persons with a disability and where possible make suitable provisions to facilitate their access to football grounds
  • Regularly assess the principles outlined in this charter. For this purpose clubs can request the support of specialist institutions, Association organisations and the Minister for Sport
  • Clubs ensure that all persons participating in football activities are familiar with this charter.

Actie Racisme