Best of Belgian Football App

Best of Belgian Football

All players and supporters of any country's football team are confident their team is the best in the world, which is why the Belgian FA launched a new initiative: Best of Belgian Football (BBF).

BBF give you access to every Belgian football game through your mobile device.

BBF contains the official rankings of all Belgian football series, all available quickly.

BBF is the ability to follow your child's, girlfriend's, cousin's, co-worker's or any other player's performance.

BBF is the only application that sends you notifications as soon as a match involving your favorite team is postponed (individual postponements) or if a game is forfeited.

BBF is also the application that allows you to know which matches your friends will attend, thanks to the new functionality "BBF Friends" ... and joining them to support their team.

BBF, thanks to a constantly growing community, is the application through which you can watch the result of a game even before it is officially announced.

Finally, BBF is the place where you can consult postponements notifications throughout Belgium (by provinces).

In short, Best of Belgian Football is the application you need to follow Belgian football on a daily basis.


What's new?

Two concepts for this new update: a simpler application and new features available.

  •     Do not take the head with the home screen: it has been greatly simplified. This is also the case for the data available for each match: the BBF scores have disappeared and the team compositions are displayed more clearly.
  •     What are your friends doing this weekend? Discover the new BBF Friends concept, which allows you to add friends and see at a glance the upcoming matches they will be attending. The opportunity to join them to raise the atmosphere at the edge of the field!
  •     Want to be kept up-to-date on packages and discounts at matches involving your favorite teams? You can now receive notifications. To do this, it is simple: in your favorites list, press the symbol of the bell corresponding to your team.
  •     Were you tired of having to add a team (or a player) to your favorites to consult the information? This is no longer necessary. This should significantly reduce your favorites list.
  •     Also, just add "U19 Team" to your favorites rather than "U19 Championship", "U19 Cup" and "U19 Final Tour", it's still easier to follow a team that plays in several competitions, right?
  •     In the settings screen you can also subscribe to general notifications so you do not miss Belgian football.
  •     The matches you give will not be lost in your calendars, it's promised! The meetings are actually pulled by date, for easier consultation.
  •     Talking about the calendar, you can now find matches and tournaments.
  •     Is your profile picture not right for you? No problem, you can now modify it from your parameters.
  •     Finally, you will not lose yourself in the meanders of the application: click on the "home" button and you are back on the dashboard.

Discover "Best of Belgian Football" through the free mobile application for iOS and Android. Download the application via the App Store or Google Play.